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Indian cuisine is among the most varied and enjoyable of all ethnic foods because of terrain, climate and the infusion of people of many different religions into Indian culture over thousands of year.

the taste that people savor in an Indian dish may range from the delicate to the hearty, the piquant to the fiery. Royal Taj Indian Restaurant offers food that is full of gentler, retain the flavor, aroma and texture for which Indian cuisine id rightfully famous.

Royal taj is pleased to present a wide selection of Indian haute cuisinemade from the finest and hreshest ingrdients. We offer a welcome change from the ordinary that is not only pleasing to the palate, but a healthful alternative as well, owing largely to the use of a variety of vegetables, leaner meats, herbs and spices, that have attracted food lovers from all cultures and times. . Royal Taj Indian Restaurant offers North Indian specialities seasoned according to your taste, our spicy scale is 0-6 (6 is the hottest), a great variety to which we invite you to enjoy. Royal Taj is famous for its savory "tandoori" oven dishes and exotic curries cooked fresh in our kitchen.we hope your dining experience at Royal Taj Indian Restaurant will be an enjoyable one!!!

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